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Please enjoy this virtual look round our club - but, better still, why not come and visit us?  Founded over 140 years ago, we're a family-centred club with our own ground on the Pollok Estate on Glasgow's southside, members coming from all backgrounds and from across ethnic and cultural spectra, all taking an active part in club life.  As well as year-round competitive and social cricket for juniors and adults, there are internal and outside seating areas and a well-appointed clubhouse.


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Latest news and club notices


Club President update [posted 31/07/20]


Club President Kenneth Robertson (pictured) has written to members today, updating them on the situation as regards COVID-19 and the Scottish Government's review of the easing of lockdown restrictions announced this week as these pertain to cricket activities consistent with guidance issued by Cricket Scotland and sportscotland. 


Kenneth's update has been emailed to members, and circulated to junior players' parents and senior players by WhatsApp today.  It can also be read, here online.


Cricket Scotland update for clubs on the return to cricket [posted 31/07/20]


Cricket Scotland has updated clubs on the return to cricket activities.  In its press release this morning the national governing body said, "Under yesterday’s announcement by the Scottish Government that the country remains in Phase 3 of the route map, cricket activity remains limited to club-based activity until 24th August.  

"We recognise this is hugely frustrating to all of us as much work had already been done to arrange and prepare for friendly fixtures during August.  Although the introduction of intra-club games has proved successful within many clubs, we are particularly conscious that smaller clubs with lower membership numbers, particularly in rural locations, are not able to play 11-a-side intra-club matches, (though other formats such as six a-side games might be possible).


"Cricket Scotland has been actively lobbying for an early resumption of cricket activity and matches throughout the gradual easing of lockdown. As result of yesterday’s announcement, Cricket Scotland is today writing to the Sports Minister and the First Minister to argue cricket’s case again. 


"Cricket Scotland met with the regional and match official associations this morning, as part of a series of such meetings which have taken place throughout the crisis, to discuss the situation and the steps now being taken."


Return to cricket continues [posted 21/07/20]

The club's return to cricket activities moved a further step forward this evening as a new third "COVID-19-safe" training zone was added, allowing players to train on grass.  Session Monitor Grant Cathcart was the man in charge as tonight's first session saw players (pictured below) net on the square for the first time since last August.  Mind you with tomorrow's forecast being reflective of a typical #Scottishsummer it might be a day or two before players get back on it!



Ground preparations update [posted 17/07/20]

Groundsman Adam Richardson and assistant Andrew Melville have been continuing their hard work at the ground this week, today seeing them making first use of their new toy, a combirake.  Alongwith the usual scarifying and other normal pitch preparation, the new piece of equipment will assist in pitch perparation at "Shawholm".  Today also saw the two waterhogs re-covered remembering, of course, that it is Scotland we live in!  #Scottishsummer

Combirake_pic_1 Combirake_pic_2


As the Cricket Scotland updates to clubs over the last few weeks have indicated, a start date for inter-club matches remains to be intimated by sportscotland, albeit that training activities have been restarted and expanded.  It is hoped that we will - if the weather permits - be using grass practice pitches in the new week or so, as we continue to move through Phase 3 of lockdown restriction easing, and in to Phase 4. 


Cricket Scotland update for clubs on the return to cricket [posted 17/07/20]


Cricket Scotland has updated clubs on the return to cricket activities.  In its press release this morning the national governing body said, "We are pleased to announce, that sportscotland have given approval for 11-aside cricket training games to be played by children, young people and adults from Saturday 18 July, in accordance with specific guidance that can be found online.

"These matches must be played in an intra-club setting only, involving only members of that one club.  We thank sportscotland for their support and hope that clubs will enjoy some 'proper' cricket activity within the club setting, as soon as they feel ready to do so, in compliance with the guidelines supplied."


Western District Cricket Union further update for clubs on the return to cricket [posted 16/07/20]


The Western District Cricket Union ("WDCU") has issued the following update to clubs today.  "Although we have now seen a return to cricket training, albeit with some significant restrictions, we thought it helpful, after the latest meeting of regional associations and Cricket Scotland on Wednesday, to remind clubs and players that no date has yet been confirmed for any return to senior match cricket, which is part of Phase 4 of the 'route map'.

"You may have seen the Cricket Scotland statement this morning, and we would reiterate that the timescales and restrictions relating to this are essentially driven by the Scottish Government, not Cricket Scotland or the WDCU, and the next review date for this is on 30th July.  Previous relaxations have typically seen a delay of seven to ten days between announcement and implementation.  It is also possible that any return to matches may initially be on an intra-club basis (i.e. within a single club).  This would clearly point to the 1st August being unlikely to be realistic if it is the case.  The WDCU would also reiterate that any resumption of matches between different clubs (inter-club matches) would be along the lines of local friendlies only as it appears that travel has been identified as a major risk area by the authorities."


Cricket Scotland update for clubs on the return to cricket [posted 16/07/20]


Cricket Scotland has updated clubs on the return to cricket activities.  In its press release this morning the national governing body said, "Following the recent Scottish Government announcement that suggested we will be moving to Phase 4 during August, Cricket Scotland is mindful that clubs will require some time to prepare for game based activity potentially with modified rules and conditions.

"We are currently working with sportscotland to agree a return to cricket fixtures and envisage this will be introduced first at an intra-club level (matches between members within the same club) followed by local friendlies.  Our intention is to agree a match format which complies with Scottish Government rules on staying safe, social distancing and the test and protect guidance.  We will issue this guidance as soon as it is authorised by sportscotland.  "The timescales and restrictions relating to this are essentially driven by the Scottish Government, not Cricket Scotland and their next review date for this is on 30th July.  Please be aware that previous relaxations have typically seen a staged approach, with a delay between announcement and implementation, therefore it is unlikely that inter-club fixtures (between different clubs) will be able to commence on 1st August."


Ground preparations continue [posted 10/07/20]

The club's groundstaff, led by groundsman Adam Richardson, continue to work towards the hoped-for resumption of cricket matches in August, and in parallel to the improvement works they have been undertaking during the lockdown period, work on preparing the ground for match play has been stepped up. 




Today saw the first really "close cut" of the outfield with the usual temporary thin stripes (see above) making their annual appearance, albeit belatedly!  With favourable weather the next couple of weeks will see the traditional broad stripes return as the old lady looks to host some play in what would be her 141st season. 


"COVID-19-safe" training continues [posted 07/07/20]

Intermittent rain and drizzle couldn't put paid to the start of a second week of "COVID-19-safe" training sessions this evening, with players (pictured below) determined to make up for lost time in the nets.  Thanks again to those members volunteering as Session Monitors to ensure the safety of players attending, and compliance with the requisite national governing body and Scottish Government guidelines. 




Return to cricket - update [posted 04/07/20]


The club's return to cricket activities continued today with the start of pitch preparations in the hope that matches will be possible within the next month, it's hoped from the start of August.  Groundsman Adam Richardson and his two assistants continue to work hard on the ground and surrounds, despite a week of typical #Scottishsummer weather.  The first week of "COVID-19-safe" training sessions passed without a hitch and sessions can be booked on an ongoing basis.  The BodyFit fitness group was also back in action at the club this week, and, like the cricketers, saw their return to activity successfully carried out.


Training session bookings


It's started! [posted 30/06/20]

It might've been the very last day of June, and we might've already seen the Summer solstice come and go, but tonight - at long last - we saw the return of cricket activity at "Shawholm".  Adhering to the guidelines set out by Cricket Scotland, sportscotland and the Scottish Government, the first COVID-19-safe training sessions took place at the old ground this evening, with three of the club's young players having the honour of being first to bat and bowl, all under the supervision of Session Monitor Grant Cathcart.  Our thanks are due to the groundstaff for getting the net bays ready for play this evening, and for those other club members who, along with Head of Senior Cricket Josh Sajjad, put in place the not insignificant protocols required for safe practice to start. The next of this week's trial sessions takes place on Thursday evening, with the practice facilities not being available to use in between.  A reminder that members who are up-to-date with their subscriptions can book a training slot by contacting Josh Sajjad.



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Poloc teams play under various playing names: Poloc, Shawholm, Poloc Panthers and Poloc Pythons


Poloc plays in the Cricket Scotland League Premier Division administered by the Western District Cricket Union ("WDCU") and Shawholm plays in that league's Premier Reserve Division.  


In addition, Poloc Panthers play in the WDCU Evening League, the Poloc Pythons compete in Cricket Scotland's winter tapeball league, and junior sides play at different age-group levels in the West District Junior Cricket Union soft- and hard-ball leagues and cups, as well as in national cup competitions.






Check out the weather at Shawholm before setting out - we like the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation site best!  To see what it's saying about the weather in G43, click on the logo below to go to its website.





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