The winter golf section

Uniquely, Poloc Cricket Club also plays host to the UK’s only Royal and Ancient Club-recognised six-hole golf course.

Founded in 1889, the section’s centenary was marked by a letter of congratulations from the custodians of the game’s rules based at the home of golf.

With the cricket bats, helmets and pads all safely locked away in attics and back bedrooms for at least a few months, attention for many turns to golf at “Shawholm” in the early autumn.  The club would love to hear from anyone interested in taking part in golf over the autumn and winter months – read on to find out more about the unique challenge that is a round at “Wee Poloc”.

Some English county grounds have trees within their boundary ropes; at “Shawholm” the greens and tee boxes make unique features on the cricket ground in the summer months!

Golf section news 

New Facebook page [posted 27/09/20]

Winter golf section members can keep up-to-date, and new players can book rounds as temporary members, via the new Facebook group.  Just follow the link.


Membership of the winter golf section has, historically, always been separate from that of the parent cricket club itself.  Our winter golf section does, however, warmly welcome new and temporary members and if you would like to know more about joining us for golf over the autumn and winter months, please get in touch with the club via the section’s Facebook page.

Local rules

Rule 1 – the boundaries of the course

These are as follows: a) the near side of the path adjacent to the river cart; b) the fence adjacent to the sixth tee and first and fifth greens; c) the tennis courts as defined by the wire netting; d) the pavilion enclosure as defined by the iron railings; and e) the cricket square as defined by the markings in place.

Rule 2 – the practice wicket area

A ball finishing within the practice wicket area as defined by the markings in place must be lifted and dropped, under penalty of one stroke, within one club length of the defining marking on the teeing-ground side of whichever hole is being played.

Rule 3 – preferred lies

These apply at all times and apply to any ball within bounds and outwith the easily recognisable rough near to the boundaries of the course.  Cases of doubt to be referred to a playing partner.

Rule 4 – ball plugged in the rough

A player may, after consulting his partner, lift and drop a ball plugged in the rough without penalty at the same point where it is plugged.  If the ball rolls more than one club length away, it should be re-dropped.

Rule 5 – ball plugged and lost in the fairway

If a ball is lost in the fairway, and its flight has been witnessed by at least one playing partner who is certain that the ball landed and stopped in the fairway, and this certainty is not disputed by any other playing partner, then the player may replace the ball and play the next shot without penalty from the approximate point where the ball stopped as indicated by the playing partner(s).

Rule 6 – putting green

A player may, without penalty, tap down all spike-marks and any other irregularities on the putting surface, including those on the line of the putt.

In all other case the rules of golf as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Club, St. Andrews, will be observed.