As well as summer, outdoor, cricket, the club has an extensive programme of winter indoor cricket.  Included in this is its Poloc Pythons team that plays in the Cricket Scotland Tapeball League.

The 2019-20 midweek league fixtures for the Pythons are below.

Pythons news and match reports

(Please note that no offence is intended to any third party in the undernoted match reports that are produced with the primary intention of [hopefully] entertaining club members.)

Pythons lose out [posted 23/02/20]

The Poloc Pythons suffered quarter-final heartache today as they lost by just 2 runs to I Passing Smiles in the knockout stages of the Cricket Scotland Tapeball League.

Pythons versus I Passing Smiles [posted 18/02/20]

The Poloc Pythons now know their quarter-final opponents in this winter’s Cricket Scotland Tapeball League play-offs.  With a start time of 12.15pm this Sunday, the 23rd of February, the side will take on the curiously-named I Passing Smiles side who progressed from the other group.  Good luck to the Pythons on Sunday!

Pythons keep on winning [posted 12/02/20]

The Pythons‘ winning run in the Cricket Scotland Tapeball League was extended to five matches tonight as they saw off the challenge of Shah CC with a seven-wicket win.  Chasing 87 to win, the Pythons reached their target in the eighth over, one down.  #Toffee

Pythons versus Shah CC [posted 11/02/20]

The Poloc Pythons are back in Tapeball League action tomorrow evening, taking on Shah CC at 8pm in the last of their group stage matches, and will be hoping to make it five wins on the spin.

Pythons keep on winning [posted 06/02/20]

The Pythons extended their winning streak in the Cricket Scotland Tapeball League to matches with a win over Greater Pollok Eagles, the Pythons romping to a seven-wicket victory.

Pythons return to action [posted 04/02/20]

The Poloc Pythons take on Greater Pollok Eagles in the Tapeball League tomorrow evening, the matchday nine fixture starting at 8pm.  The Pythons go in to tomorrow’s match on a three-match winning streak and hoping to make it four-on-the-bounce.

Pythons extend their winning run [posted 30/01/20]

The Pythons made it three wins in a row tonight, in this winter’s Tapeball League, by beating Shah CC by 36 runs.  121 for 2 was too much for the Pythons‘ opponents who were restricted to 85 for 7 – including no fewer than five run outs! – in their innings.  Next up are the Greater Pollok Eagles, next Wednesday.

The Pythons suffer Giant loss [posted 13/12/19]

“The Pythons won the toss and opted to bowl first in their third league match of the season.  Adnan would start proceedings: first ball and Kamran got cleaned up!  The Pythons were jubilant, but you may remember from previous games that the Pythons‘ bowlers are known to start off with an obligatory no-ball, and so how could they break the tradition this time around, yup, you’ve guessed it: no-ball it was, and the Glasgow Giants had survived an early scare.  The first over went for 11 runs, but more importantly Kami had been given a life.  Nomi with the ball would bowl the second over, and Kami went after him immediately, a 3 followed by 6.  However the fifth ball saw a brilliant run out by Adnan to see the back of Kami. Sheroz was the new batman in, and the Giants were 25 for 1 after two overs.

“Haseeb would bowl the third over.  And he immediately did the damage by cleaning up Sheroz, a wicket that brought in Zeeshan Bashir, at four.  This third over went for 6 runs with the Giants 31 for 2 at the end of it.  Abdul bowled the fourth over, but this somehow became more like the fourth and fifth overs as it lasted twelve balls, the Giants making 21 runs from it.  However the last ball did see a good throw from Amaan that saw Bashir run out.  So at the end of the fourth over the score was 52 for 3.  In to the fifth, and this saw Haroon with the ball.  He immediately created a chance that was, sinfully, dropped.  The over went for 9 runs, the impressive thing being it had no extras in it.  The Giants were now 61 for 3 after five overs.  Sixth over.  The ball was given to Adnan to bowl his second over.  He immediately cleaned up Israr Hussain, who was out after anchoring the Giants‘ innings,…..but then walked back in.  Why did he do that, you ask?  The answer is…..drum roll please…..it was a no-ball!  Yayyyyy!  Barring that no-ball, Adnan’s express pace saw the Giants struggle to put him away, and the over went for only 5 runs.  The Giants were now sitting rather uncomfortably at 66 for 3 after six overs.

“The seventh over was bowled by Pai Khaled, who took it upon himself to ease the nerves…..of the Giants!  The over went for 22 runs and now the score was 88 for 3.  Eighth over, and Usman Amin on to bowl.  A 3 followed by 2, and then the long-awaited wicket of Hafeez.  The batsman was beaten all ends by a lack of pace.  Over eight went for 14 runs all in as the Giants accumulated 9 runs off the last three balls.  So, in conclusion, the first innings ended on 102 for 4.

“With a target of 103, Haroon and Amaan were sent in to open.  They started off carefully with 4 runs in the first over, bowled by Afzaal.  Second over, Ghulam Raja with the ball.  A shaky start by the bowler, with a couple of no-balls and a wide, was then followed by Haroon dispatching Raja for a straight 6.  A beautiful shot, and add to that it was a no-ball! Haroon then charged the next ball though, and got cleaned up.  Why did he do that, you ask?  Our researchers are on the case and will revert once they find the part of the brain that fell out as he had hit the 6!  Abdul was the next man in.  He was advised not to try running sharp singles, as he had been run out in the previous two games.  Last ball of the over: Abdul got run out,…..taking a sharp single!  And so at the end of an eventful second over, the Pythons were sitting pretty on 20 for 2.  Slappy was the next man in [Ed: promoted] at four.

“Third over, Zeeshan Bashir with the ball.  He bowled well and got rid of Slappy on the second ball.  By this time, the Pythons‘ captain was needing a hair transplant as he had pulled out most of his own in frustration.  Haseeb walked in at five to join Amaan, and a last ball 6 to end the over saw the score move on to 28 for 3 after three overs.  Fourth over, Anil Francis with the ball.  He started off with a no-ball and a wide.  But then his first legal delivery saw Haseeb fall victim to a ‘yes-yes-nawww” call.  Run out, and back in the hut immediately to return to being busy pulling the rest of his hair out.  Adnan, in at number six, to join Amaan.  This pair batted well and managed to make the most of the opportunities presented.  At end of the end of the fourth over, the Pythons were 43 for 4.  So to the fifth over, and what an over this was.  Only five legal deliveries, 17 runs, and three wickets!  The over saw Amaan run out, followed by Adnan getting run out, and then Nomi getting cleaned up to conclude the innings.  The Pythons had been bowled out for 60, with three overs and a ball to spare.  The Giants had won the game by 42 runs.

“Handshakes all around in the Giants‘ camp, a GoFundMe page was being set up for the Pythons‘ captain so he can buy himself a new wig.  Your scribe learnt from a wise man from Dundee that cricket is a thinking game.  Batters merely react to what is bowled at them, the onus is on the bowlers to bowl with discipline.  In this game, the extras and the no-balls shifted the momentum in the Giants‘ favour. Thirteen extra deliveries were bowled by the Pythons, and then in reply they were bowled out with nineteen balls to spare.  A lack of discipline in bowling and a lack of patience with the bat can be costly.  The group stage has seven more games to go, and the Pythons must learn to apply themselves if they are to make it to the knock out stage.  Greater Pollock Eagles are the next opponents, and the game is on Wednesday the 18th of December at 8pm.”

Matchday two win [posted 05/12/19]

“The Scottish Asian Smashers won the toss and opted to bat first in the Pythons‘ second tapeball match of the season.  Fazal Jawad opened for them, alongside his Prestwick teammate Sachin Chaudhary.  Nomi was given the ball to start the proceedings, and the over started off with a no ball and 4 runs: not the ideal start!  The first legal delivery though saw Jawad get out, thanks to a brilliant one-handed catch by Pai Khaled.  Then with the second ball, Ali Kazmi got bowled and that was the start Pythons wanted.  From there on in the Smashers could only try and recover from the early damage inflicted on them.  That first over had gone for 12 runs but had brought those two valuable wickets.

“Haseeb bowled the second over: it started off well with a sharp run out seeing the back of Ihsanullah, but then a mis-field resulted in a boundary, followed by a dropped catch to end the over.  20 for 3 after two overs.  Nomi was brought back for the third over, which went for 15, so the score was now 35 for 3 after three overs with the game back evenly poised.  Fourth over: Adnan Khan came on, and bowled some serious heat.  Unlucky not to get a wicket, his over only went for 4 runs.  The score after four overs: 39 for 3.  The fifth over was bowled by Haroon and it started off with a 6!  The third ball however, saw the back of Ali Adnan thanks to an excellent grab on the boundary by Abdul. Sachin also departed a couple of balls later, run out thanks to some nifty work by Adnan Khan, meaning that five overs in the Smashers were 46 for 5.

“The sixth over saw Pai Khaled given the ball, and he almost gave his Captain a heart attack by bowling a beamer first up!  But, then, he recovered well.  13 runs would come from his over to see the scoreboard read 59 for 5 at the end of it.  Seventh overL Abdul to bowl.  And he bowled some unplayable deliveries, gave away only 3 runs, and cleaned up Ali Mudassar to boot.  The score at the end of seventh over: 62 for 6.  With last two batsmen in, Slappy was summoned to bowl the final over.  But he only bowled three deliveries as the last batsman got run out, thanks yet again to some sharp work by Pai Khaled.  So, the Smashers bowled out for 69, meaning the Pythons needed 70 to win.

“Second innings started with Amaan and Haroon as openers, and they started cautiously with 7 runs coming from the first over.  Haroon (6) then departed in the second over, a sharp run out by Ali Kazmi.  It should be noted at this juncture that at post-match interviews, some spectators looked rather bemused at the decision as it was a very close call, but an “out” decision it was nevertheless.  The new batsman was Abdul, in at number three.  Amaan (4) departed in the third over with the score on 15.  Haseeb was in at four and started the rebuilding phase with Abdul.  Both batsmen stayed calm at the start and saw off the good balls.  Abdul, after four dot balls, then opened his account with a 6, before then scoring 24 runs from the next six deliveries!  That assault changed the course of the game.  He would eventually get out on 24, with the score on 49, in the fourth over, however the Pythons were only 20 runs away from victory.  At number five, new batsman Slappy would add 17 runs with Haseeb, before being run out.  And then Pai Khaled followed suit, dismissed the same way.  But the Pythons kept their nerves and eventually got over the line, the not out batsmen being Adnan (1*) and Haseeb (21*).

“So this was was a composed display over all.  The running between the wickets left a lot to be desired however, with four out of five wickets being run outs.  A sinful dropped catch and a mis-field [Ed: especially if the bowler is your Scribe!] could also have been costly.  But to finish with the positives: a top performance by Abdul: a catch, a solid over that yielded a wicket, and then a superb 24 off just ten balls.  A well-deserved ‘Man of the Match’.  Next up is Glasgow Giants on Thursday December the 12th, at 8pm.”

Pythons start with a loss [posted 28/11/19]

Skipper Hasseeb Zaker reports, “Govanhill won the toss and invited the Pythons to bat first.  Amaan and Haroon were the openers, they started off well with 10 in the first over. The second over then began with Amaan’s (4) departure, bowled by Mr. I Bowl Serious Gas (Hamid Khan).  Abdul was the next man in and started cautiously with Haroon, and saw out the over.

“The third over started with two dot balls and the wicket of Haroon (5), cleaned bowled by Qadeer.  With both openers back in the hut this brought the Mighty Horse (Haseeb) to the middle.  MH Dhoni had a rocky start, however, after seeing off dangerous Qadeer, both batsmen started accumulating runs.  Abdul (9) got run out in the fifth over and in came Slappy at number five; he batted well with the skipper and kept the scoreboard ticking over.

“The cautious approach, and quick running between the wicket, took the score to 60 after six overs.  An excellent over bowled by Awais resulted in only 6 runs and two wickets: Slappy (12) and Adnan (3), both falling victims to Awais.

“The last over brought Pai Khaled in the middle: both batsmen went after the bowler and managed to score 30 runs in the over.  Haseeb retired after an unbeaten 32 (a player must retire after scoring 30 runs). Pai Khaled then hammered two straight 6s to wrap up the innings with an unbeaten 12. The final score was 96 in eight overs. A solid effort after a very shaky start.

“Govanhill started their chase by stamping their authority.  They scored 33 runs in the first over mainly thanks to Amir Mughal going after Haroon.  It brought the Poloc veteran Nomi in for the second over and he showed why he is still known as Seam Akram by giving away only 3 runs and got the wicket of Awais in the process.  In the context of the game it was a solid effort by the rusty legs. The third and fourth overs were bowled by Adnan and The Horse; both were a little wayward and off target and this saw the score increase to 72 after fours overs.  And from there onwards it was a mere formality since Govanhill took only a few more balls to get the remaining runs and won the game by six wickets.

“The carnage at the beginning of the Govanhill chase had set the tone and the Pythons never seemed to be in control after that.  However, chances created by the Pythons bowlers also went begging: there were two drop catches, and had they been taken the outcome could have been different.  But of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

“Next up is Scottish Asian Smashers on Thursday the 5th of December at 8pm.”

Tapeball fixtures released [posted 13/11/19]

The fixture list for this winter’s midweek tapeball league has been released and can be found here online.  The Poloc Pythons have been drawn in a group with Glasgow GiantsGreater Pollok EaglesScottish Asian Smashers, Shah CC and Wicketz Super 8, with matches being played “home and away” in the ten-match programme.