War memorial

Situated just inside the clubhouse (on the left as you enter) is the memorial to the club’s members who fell in the world wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45.  The bronze memorial (pictured below) was unveiled on 19 September 1948 by Sir John Stirling Maxwell and lists (where available) the biographical details of the fallen alongside their names.

The memorial itself is registered with the United Kingdom National Inventory of War Memorials under ref. number 44589.  And more about the memorial can be found on UKNIWM’s website.

Those named are:

World War I

Halbert Aitken
AJ Brown
James Archibald McMillan Brown
Walter McFarlane Coulter
Alfred Gustave Deveria
William Finlay
AM Greenwood
Cyril Charles Henderson
Archibald Hunter
Arthur Ridley Temperley
David Fotheringham Thomson
WD Wallace
Thomas Mitchell Whitelaw

World War II

William Thomas McBeath
Ian Lyon Macdonald
David Paton McLoughlin
TGM MacIntyre
Peter Edward Mitchell
James Bryden Stephen
WW Weir