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Mobile covers project, March 2011


The club completed the delivery and build of new mobile wicket covers at Shawholm on the 24th of March 2011.  The contractors from 3D-Sports were on site all day, and we took photo's of the work as it progressed to help members and other website visitors see what was involved.


The club is hugely grateful to its funding partners in the project:





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Covers_pic_001   Covers_pic_002   Covers_pic_003


Covers_pic_004   Covers_pic_005   Covers_pic_006


Covers_pic_007   Covers_pic_008   Covers_pic_009


Covers_pic_010   Covers_pic_011   Covers_pic_012


Covers_pic_013   Covers_pic_014   Covers_pic_015


Covers_pic_016   Covers_pic_017   Covers_pic_018


Covers_pic_019   Covers_pic_020   Covers_pic_021


Covers_pic_022   Covers_pic_023   Covers_pic_024


Covers_pic_025   Covers_pic_026   Covers_pic_027


Covers_pic_028   Covers_pic_029   Covers_pic_030


Covers_pic_031   Covers_pic_032   Covers_pic_033


Covers_pic_034   Covers_pic_034   Covers_pic_036


Covers_pic_037   Covers_pic_038   Covers_pic_039