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(Please note that no offence is intended to any third party in the undernoted match reports that are produced with the primary intention of [hopefully] entertaining club members)


"This is the day!" [posted 18/05/17]

"'Oh bus khar!!! Today...is the day''  These were the words uttered by the wannabe Vice-Captain Abdullah Malik (the Iron Dome) who was making his return to the Panthers eleven tonight. So was today the day?  The day started off with glorious sunshine and the Panthers were hosting BBC Scotland in the Greenwood Trophy.  The King Cobra went to toss and, as you would expect, he lost.  He did try a Hasan Rafiq (Ghussa), i.e. persuade the opposition captain to let the Panthers bat first by saying 'Oh bus Khardi, yaar! Let us bat, yaar! Today is the day!'.  The other captain somehow comprehended Abudallah's language and chose to bowl letting the Panthers bat first. 


"The team had seen some last minute changes with Faizan and Dr. Uzzi calling off only to be replaced by the snakes known as SoBoa Constrictor and Uzzair Shahnake.  In other news, Zakir Sinakey made his Panthers debut, and just before the batters went out, Captain Irfan handed Zakir his well earned T20 Panthers cap.  Sobo and Abdullah Kardashian went out to open the innings for the Panthers.  It was a slow start, with Abdullah departing for 1 with an LBW, only to dispute it, asserting 'it was going down leg side, yaaar'.  His opening partner Soboa Constrictor soon followed, constricting himself by making 5 from twelve, and eventually top-edging one.  This brought out Mr. Rambo Scotland to the crease to join Uzzair Shahnake.  Both took their time seeing off the Beeb's best bowler, David Blane, the magician, and Indrajit Kar.  Surviving the new ball, and some good bowling, they kept the scoreboard ticking over with singles however.  Once the Beeb bowled out their opening bowlers, the Panthers were only sitting at 36 for 2 after eight overs. The Panthers team, however, were not worried, in the dugout they were constantly reminded by Abdullah that 'Today...is the day'.  This message was uttered on a regular basis by the hyper Abdullah, and the whole team became motivated to find out just what on earth this actually meant.  Back to the game: at one point, after only batting three or four overs Rambo Scotland wanted a change of gloves. Why? He just wanted to hear 'Today is the day' up close to give him a peace of mind that all would be well.  The Captain gave him the replacement gloves, and advised him to pass on Abdullah's inspirational quote to his batting partner.  And what do you know...the Panthers run-rate started to accelerate; they had hope after the wonderful quote.  It was sensible batting by Rambo Scotland and Uzzair Shahnake as they ran singles and scored a boundary every over.  The Panthers were now up to 74 for 2 after twelve overs.  Zohaib Qayyum then, however, momentarily, put a stop to the good batting by only going for 1 run in the thirteenth over.   But, the batsmen knew, 'Today is the day.'


"From the fourteenth over on-wards, only five dot balls were played by Rambo Scotland and Uzzair Shahnake, both making excellent 50s and punishing the bowling while still getting the crucial 1s and 2s from the good balls.  Both finished not out, with Rambo 80* and Uzzair 73* letting the Panthers post 177. 


"The bowling was led by Yasir Shah (Habib), who thought he'd bowl some pace, and Gulfam his opening partner. Habib started off with his usual generosity giving away 4 wides in his first over. With the high total in mind, the Beeb opening pair were taking on the pace attack, hitting lots of lofted shots.  This caused a change in the field by Captain Irfan, bringing Zakir Sinakey out of second slip and placing him at extra cover. Putting the pressure on him as a result,  the batter went for a big shot again; another skier; and it dropped to the man at cover, none other than the man who wisely prophesised 'Today is the day', Abdullah Minaj taking the catch off of Gulfam's bowling.  As the batters kept slashing away at the pace bowling and with the score having raced to 44 for 1 in just four overs, spin was introduced.  Hunnain The Bogeyman appeared, much to the disgust of the opposition as well as those standing at mid-on and mid-off.  The Booger kept the run-rate in check in his first over, which led to Abdullah, the man of the moment, coming on from the other end. Abdullah added pressure onto the batsmen, following Hunnain's over, and got The Magician David Blane to knick one to the 'keeper, Ishant Sharma (Graeme).  This caused the whole of Poloc to go wild, Abdullah knew, the Panthers knew, Poloc knew...today was indeed the daY! 


"The Bogeyman returned next over, with his slimy one appearing, using his secret weapon to put the batsman off his game.  Varghese Jose took his anger out and lashed at the Bogeyman's delivery, only for it to be held at long-off by the forever smiling Habib.  However, his smile disappeared once he seen what was brewing in Hunnain's nostrils, leading to no team huddle for this wicket, everyone staying rooted to their fielding positions.  Hunnain, using the pressure built by the spinners trapped Indrajit Kar LBW, after a huuuuuuuuuge appeal by Hunnain,.....but no-one else.  But the umpire gave it!  Yes, the umpire raised his finger as quickly as possible so he could get Hunnain to turn away from him, the Bogey forever growing in confidence.  The Beeb were now on the back-foot, the score at 58 for 4.  They hit back though in Hunnain's and Abdullah's next overs, as these went for 23 (a number reserved for Shaan Khan) in two overs, pushing the visitors' score up to 81 for 4. The debutant Zakir Sinakey was brought on, adding to the Beeb's fear with his aggression, along with partner-in-crime Soboa Constrictor.  Keeping runs to a minimum led to the dangerous Zohaib Qayyum skying one.  It looked as if it was going to land in no man's land, but no, Abdullah, the hero, ran from point all the way to fine leg to taking a superb catch, in style, and with a slide. Abdullah stunned, not knowing what he done, looked at his whole team and then to the Captain, holding the ball in the air shouting 'Today is the day!'.  Wickets started to tumble at this juncture, with the pressure on, and with Zakir and Soboa bowling well. Three wickets fell in two overs, and the Beeb were now teetering on 91 for 7.  Zakir got his first wicket for the Panthers as one was chipped to Adder Maddock at short mid-wicket.  Zakir, elated, ran a lap of the ground like Imran Tahir, resulting in him being called.....Imran Zakir, for the rest of the game. Soboa then bowled out Jack McGill with his wannabe spin bowling, claiming it 'spun from outside off, yaar, and came in'.  The whole team disagreed, having witnessed a straight full toss. This led to SoBoa getting frustrated and taking another wicket in his over, with a caught and bowled.  Habib came back into the attack to finish things off. Unfortunately, Rambo Scotland had other ideas. Not only did he want to be a hero at the end of the first innings, finishing 80*, he thought he'd be a hero again at the end of the second too, finishing it off with a run out.  Game over, BBC Scotland bowled out for 111 in 18.2 overs, and the Panthers win by 66 runs.  The Panthers could have finished the game off earlier if less extras had been given, and catches had been taken. Zakir Sinakey still has a lot to learn, getting a Panthers saying of 'A dot ball is a hot ball' (coined by none other than Abdullah) so wrong, shouting 'A good ball is a dot ball' instead?!?  Post-match the team spoke to Abdullah and questioned why he thought 'Today was the day'.  Simple response: 'Usmanaconda wasn't wicket keeping today bro', dats vy, yaar".  A solid win for the Panthers unit."

Panthers winning streak continues [posted 09/05/17]

Ali and Irfan again report, "After two successful Sunday adventures, the Panthers kicked off their campaign in the Evening League at home to Renfrew. On another pleasant, intermittently sunny evening at Shawholm, Irfan reverted to form and lost the toss, his opposite number opting to bat first.  Taimoor and Gulfam opened the bowling, both relatively controlled, which was pleasing after Sunday's many wayward balls against Torrance Community. However, Slappy Amin, behind the stumps, looked to be embarking upon his usual antics as he let the first ball go for 5 wides. The Panthers felt aggrieved not to run out Majeed, the young opener whom Taimoor was cruelly bouncing on a semi-regular basis, early on, but the square-leg umpire's finger stayed steadfastly unraised. This provoked some consternation in the Panthers ranks, with Slappy contradictorily taking off his gloves while also trying to start a boxing match. Soon after, however, Alam, the other opener, was run out for 14 by a smart throw from Taimoor. His shy looked to be a direct hit, only for Usmanaconda to try and take the glory by flicking the ball on to the stumps: a snake move indeed. Majeed (6) didn't last much longer after his first near-miss, with Ali taking a high catch at square leg off Habib's similarly tight bowling to send him back to the pavilion.


"Wickets continued to fall; Reddy ended up with 18* as a succession of partners came and went, with only Mullen (31*) contributing significantly to the Renfrew total of 106. Mullen's impressive batting (including three 6s and three 4s) deserves special mention, especially as he was apparently plucked out of the crowd to have a bat after arriving to merely spectate after work! The Panthers (including King Cobra, who foolishly gave himself a bowl for the final over) let 32 go off the last twelve balls, which, aside from the odd fielding error, was the only real negative in a solid first innings performance.  Habib ended with a well-deserved 4-for; Bogeyman (Hunnain) and Gulfam also bagged one each, the latter's wicket coming as Slappy redeemed himself with an outrageous catch, diving full length to his right to make the ball just stick in his glove and no more. Slappy was so shocked that he ran straight to the Captain, King Cobra, asking if he was dreaming. The rest of the team were similarly disbelieving - Gulfam, entirely reasonably, assumed the ball had gone through the keeper for 4.


"After a short hiatus, and one of Irfan's moderately rousing team talks, the Panthers headed out to chase 107 for victory. The result never truly looked in doubt, although there was a steady turnover of batters, who all contributed something to the innings. Faizan, opening, hit six 4s on his way to 26 before he edged one to the 'keeper - insisting, on his return to the pavilion, that he didn't nick the ball. Umpire Pasty was later heard to opine that the heavy wooden noise, and the large change in the ball's trajectory, may have suggested otherwise! Taimoor joined the Black Mamba (Ihty) in the middle; Ihty managed 31 before he was caught, bringing in Ali Maddock, the the star man promoted up the order for his no-nonsense big hitting. That pairing nearly finished things off, Ali hitting singles to get Taimoor back on strike, but the latter got out - plum LBW - for 32 with only a few runs left to chase. The incoming Professor Slappy (2*) and Ali (4*) then did the needful, getting the Panthers over the line inside 13 overs. 


"A decent start to the Evening League for the Panthers, then, and it was pleasing to see some of the previous errors begin to be corrected – especially in the extras column. The next clash in the League might be a bit tastier – the Panthers are away - at Shawholm - to the Poloc Academy....."


Unprecedented! [posted 07/05/17]

Ali and Irfan report, "In an almost unheard of development, the Panthers have managed to play two Sunday games in a season – and it's still only early May! Torrance Community CC were their opponents, visiting from the north side of the city for a 40-over friendly contest in sky-splitting sunshine at Shawholm.  Irfan won the toss [Ed: which makes a change!] and elected to bat first on the pitch Poloc had used the preceding day. Sobo and Abdullah opened; the former made a solid 39, but the latter struggled to get in, eventually going for 8. This brought in Rambo Scotland, whose innings of 82 was the standout performance for the home side, ably backed by Slappy who added to last week's century at Toytown with another half ton of 53.  The less said about the next batter – Ali going for a second-ball duck after he missed a yorker which caught him on the back foot, plum LBW – the better, but that made way for a proper doctor, Uzzi, to steady the ship with a useful 26 before he was caught.  Captain King Cobra (Irfan) then came in to show Abdullah Kardashian how to hit a quick fire 8. The rest of the lower order - Hunnain (5), Gulfam (0*) and Faizan (4*) – chipped in to make sure the Panthers used their full overs allocation, with a special mention for Faizan who went in to face one ball with no pads on, achieving a strike rate of 400!  The Panthers total on the scoreboard after 40 overs: an eminently defendable 264.


"After both teams made an excellent effort hoovering up all the food on offer at tea, minimising the tidying up, Torrance opened with DeBrincat and Wani. Early in the innings, it seemed that there was likely to be a standout top scorer for Torrance.....extras. Habib, opening from the Burrell End, struggled to control the new ball and conceded multiple wides, with Faizan suffering a similar, but less severe, fate.  This led to Irfan bringing himself on to add some control and reduce the wides, ably doing so with a maiden in his second over. He also employed Dr Uzzi's controlled medium pace to keep the extras column tidier.  Torrance's openers only made 30 between them, but by the time DeBrincat (12) was expertly bowled by Faizan, the scoreboard already read 58 due to the wayward bowling. The wickets slowly trickled over; Wani (18) was run out by Ali, partially atoning for his duck with a smart throw to the 'keeper, while Mortaza (23) suffered a similar fate when Ihty the Black Mamba, fielding as a sub', smashed the stumps with a direct hit!  Abdullah Minaj grabbed a smart catch on the slide after Hassan skied one of Gulfam's deliveries, followed by a period of frustration for the Panthers as Torrance's two top scorers, Cooper and Tariq, put on 39 and 52 respectively.  Although they batted well, scoreboard pressure was mounting on the visitors, with the required run-rate creeping up, and Irfan's field featuring progressively more men on the boundary each over. Cooper was caught by Slappy, who finally managed to make one stick in his gloves after several missed chances - his teammates wondering if he was pushing for the most drops in an innings. The shock on Usmanaconda's face when he finally caught one told its own story!  Tariq's half century was ended by a run out as the batters tried to eke out every last run in the closing stages. The last man in, Aman, added 20* but Torrance couldn't quite catch their hosts, ending on 255. 


"The game was an enjoyable, competitive affair but there are clearly a few items on the agenda for the next Panthers team meeting. The top item is getting control of the new (and old) ball – the 53 conceded in wides speak for themselves. Other matters arising include consistency in the batting lineup, especially 'getting in' further down the order, and the over rate – although obviously not aided by the extras, both teams took well over three hours to finish their allotted 40. Some bigger, stickier gloves for Slappy behind the stumps might also be of utility in keeping the wickets tumbling.  On the plus side, the fielding was better than last weeks, with fewer errors conceding runs, and the occasional dropped catches all being difficult chances. Above all, however, a win's a win; and the Panthers march onwards to their opening Evening League match on Tuesday."


Panthers secure derby day win [posted 30/04/17]

Ali Maddock reports, "The Panthers' Sunday League campaign started three weeks earlier than planned, with a rescheduled trip to Toytown to face local rivals Clydesdale's Cavaliers side. The sun was shining intermittently through the clouds, but it was definitely April, as the cold blustery wind made things increasingly unpleasant in the field as the day went on. 


"Captain Irfan continued previous seasons’ form and lost the toss; 'Dale elected to bat on a greenish, flat pitch towards the Hutchie side of the ground.  Their openers blew hot and cold - Scobie worked hard for his relatively quick 30 runs, while Haq, who eventually got 16, took a long time to amass them.  When Scobie did depart, bowled by Noaman, he was followed immediately back to the pavilion by Shoukat, giving Noaman a hat-trick ball. Despite a couple of extra slips, said ball was deftly seen off by the incoming batsman, but it was nonetheless the highlight of a good spell of bowling from Noaman to keep the Dark Side's upper order on their toes.  Although everyone in the Clydesdale side contributed runs, no one truly 'got in' – their high scorer, Chitnas, got himself to 38 before he skied a Gulfam ball to long leg. Ali Maddock, sprinting round from deep square, managed to take the catch – and more importantly, keep his feet inside the boundary rope. Similarly, there were decent catches held by Faizan (taking a debut wicket for Poloc, with an athletic grab above head height for a caught and bowled) and Noaman, off Habib, who (like Faizan) bagged a couple bowling on Poloc debut.  Hunnain, despite going for too many in his first over, kept things tight thereafter, with Abdullah at the other end.  The Rafiq(ue) twins bowled well with Ghoosa (Hasan) bowling a maiden, reflecting his general economy, while Gulfam was also solid, taking the wicket of the highest scorer.  Alongside these positives, the Panthers have plenty to work on in the field, with a couple of dropped catches, and far too many extras – especially the 32 runs conceded in wides! Clydesdale, in the end, managed 236 for 9, though Poloc will feel they should have ended the innings a few overs earlier. Credit is however due to the two tail-enders, who batted sensibly to see out the full 40.


"237 the target, then, and it looked achievable, if everyone kept their heads and 'got in' – or so went the team-talk, prior to an excellent tea. It looked as if the sound advice from the Captain, Irfan, had actually got into the heads of the openers - his advice being not to look at the scoreboard too much, and play their natural game with good running.  In the end, it only took two batsmen to do the needful, as the dot to dot twins 'Slappy' Usman Amin and 'Anime' Hunnain carried their bats. Slappy was the stand-out, scoring 129*, finally living up to his name and slapping the ball to cow corner on a consistent basis but ably backed by Hunnain (85*) who batted with a big boogie throughout the innings. The chase was completed in the 27th over, sparing everyone at least an hour in the biting wind.  Having only managed to play a couple of Sunday League ties last season, it was good for the Panthers to get a solid, early-season win under their belts in the longer format of the game. It should, however, hopefully inspire some work at training – especially in taking high catches and learning where the wide marks are on the pitch. 


"The Captain's away win record continues..."


Start of twice-weekly indoor practice [posted 25/02/17]

Tuesday the 28th of February sees the start of twice-weekly indoor practice.  Junior and Academy practice has been ongoing throughout the winter months, and Tuesday night - 8pm to 10pm at Hutchesons' Grammar School Sports Hall - sees the start of open, senior practice.  Players are asked to get to "Hutchie" before 8pm to allow for a prompt start at 8pm.  The cost of sessions is £5 per person to cover the cost of hall hire.  We look forward to seeing a good number on Tuesday.  


Cup draws, and Evening and Sunday League fixtures, 2017 [posted 03/02/17]

The Western Union completed the issuing of league fixtures and cup draws today when it released the draws for the Rowan Cup, McCulloch Cup (the West League Cup reverting to its original name), the Western Union Cup, the Western Cup and the Greenwood Trophy, as well as the fixtures for the Evening and Sunday Leagues.  We've got the cup draws online here, with the fixtures appearing on the respective team pages.



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